Posted by: Kathy White | November 10, 2018

Flames and Fury

First off, my heart goes out to every person suffering because of the fires in both Northern and Southern California. So many lives lost — not to mention the homes, businesses and property that are just gone!

It’s devastating and we want to help. Give to the Red Cross. has several stories on how best to help or donate. And don’t forget the animals. Many were left behind but still managed to survive. One friend is going to shelters all over the area and taking photos of animals to try to help them reunite with their families. I know being reunited with my Nellie would help me feel a lot better — family love.

I want to keep this positive and helpful. You can reach out to me directly if you have questions.

As for Trump busy laying blame while people are hurting so badly — and threatening to withhold federal funds — it just proves one more time what kind of man he is. We are Californians. We will endure and take care of one another. And we don’t need his negativity right now. We need love. We need to find hope in some of these small stories of endurance under this horrific conditions.

And finally — those in the thick of the battle. Thank you! When everyone is running away, you are running in to battle the flames, risking your life to save others. You are truly heroes. Let’s not forget to take care of them. They need food, water and places to rest before charging back into the battle.

Stay safe. Reach out for the help you need. We are here. Point us in a direction and we will head right there. Hugs and love from the Bay Area.


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