Posted by: Kathy White | November 1, 2018

Panic at the …

Overheard at a grocery store: “All these people claiming they have panic or some anxiety disorder, they are lying. They just need to calm down. Buddy of mine — acted like it was killing him. I call bullshit.”

This sentiment happens a lot. Often, when I discuss my panic attacks and overall anxiety — I will get the eye roll.

Good for you. I am so glad you have never experienced the terror of a panic attack or the sometimes very terrifying feeling of anxiety — just trying to walk through this world.

I do. I may not even be doing anything. I’ve had attacks in grocery stores, in my car, just walking down the street or even just talking on the phone. Every day stuff that should not cause you to feel like you cannot breathe and that, possibly, you are having a heart attack can happen — and it feels like your heart will burst out of your chest!

I have been sound asleep only to wake up and I’m already in full panic. No idea what I was dreaming. Nothing I remember. But now I’m up. Sure, there are drugs and they do help. But a lot of those drugs also make it harder to function. The cure kills the anxiety — but you’re half asleep. Not real conducive to working — particularly if your job requires laser-sharp focus.

I know it feels like a fake thing to people who don’t ever suffer from it.

I know what it feels like to me — to my nephew. There are a LOT of us. Show some respect. It may not be a part of your world, but I guarantee you somebody in your tight circle of people in this life suffers from it — maybe not in a BIG way — but that doesn’t matter. It’s real. And they may not talk about it.

Most important: Be kind. Not just for this — for all things. Tired of the hate we seem to be thriving on — even on something as simple as a panic attack.

If you suffer, a lot of resources here:

Hugs to those who suffer. I feel you.

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