Posted by: Kathy White | October 24, 2018

Vote 2018: The Theme Remains the Same

If you look at the archives of this blog — you will see that I posted about voting in 2010. I re-read it and found that the themes are the same. First off — VOTE. Secondly, think about who and what you are voting for and about. (

The ideas expressed and felt then I still feel now. I won’t listen to you rant if you don’t bother to vote. It’s the one right that allows you to have a real say in your government and the things it will do with your money, with your ideals — all of it.

I do not like, support or respect our president. I think he is a pathological liar who is out to turn this country into a dictator state with him and his cronies in charge — handing out money to the rich while screwing everyone else — and I mean EVERYone else.

And the Republicans who stand by silently while he destroys our nation? Shame, shame, shame on you. First they came for everyone but rich, mostly white males — so ya think you have it good right now. One day, they will be coming for you and your children. This doesn’t just stop — unless we vote. Yes, I want a big blue wave. I doubt we will get that.

Just watching the news today, and shocked at the lengths he is going to to enrage his base about things that simply are not true. It’s frightening. This is not my country.

I will vote. I hope you will, too, even if it isn’t for my side. Voting is a sacred right and responsibility. Vote.



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