Posted by: Kathy White | February 23, 2012

What Women Want

A friend of mine was talking about women and how hard he thinks it is to relate sometimes. He asked me if I had the same issues. It occurred to me – because I am indeed a woman – that I might have some insight in to this.

So, here’s my take. What women want:

  • Love. All of it. Love of friends, of family and, of course, of the one true love. Love is so paramount to a woman … she gives it out without thinking but wants it back without asking.
  • Respect. And here goes the list:
    • Respect of smarts: Because, well, she is. It may not be the smarts of Einstein but every woman knows a lot about something.
    • Respect of emotions: Yes, she will cry at the end of sad movies and some AT&T commercials. No mocking. Women are more emotional because, well, my theory – women give birth. It’s a thing.
    • Respect of faith: Because she has it. In you. In herself. Maybe in a higher being but not the point. Faith is a universal feeling of “yes” … and a woman has that kind of faith, sometimes to a flaw.
    • Respect of instincts: If she says you are going the wrong way, trust me, you are. Always trust her instincts.
    • Respect of turf: She has hers, and no, it is not clearly marked. Don’t go tromping around where you don’t belong. You have your turf, too, but she knows it and tries not to trounce on it. Do the same.

    Honesty. Yeah, seems obvious. But if you aren’t honest with yourself, then you can’t be honest at all. So, be honest about who you are and be your true self around her. She will give you all that you want and more.

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