Posted by: Kathy White | November 2, 2010

Why Voting Matters

I almost always listen to people who like to rant about this, that and some other thing. But when it comes to complaining about government or policy, I always ask the same question: Did ya vote in the last election?

Not always, but more than I care to count, I get “no.” I then proceed to explain why I will now no longer listen to their rant. I will also not vote for people who can’t be bothered to vote (hello, Meg and Fiorna). A lot folks in the world don’t get any say. They live with whatever it is those in power decide. Well, we don’t. We have the power to vote people in and out of office. We have the power to vote for or against policy. We have the power to move the political conversation and make our elected leaders listen. And if all you do is bitch, I have no time for you.

It takes all of about 10 minutes to vote. Maybe it takes an hour to do the research to decide how you want to vote on the more confusing issues. It’s not a whole lot of time out of your day and life to contribute. Always the same excuse: “My vote doesn’t count. What does it matter? It’s all just bullshit anyway.” Wanna know why that may turn out to be true? Because you didn’t participate. If you keep throwing away your right to participate, someday it won’t matter — that’s true.

It won’t be an opportunity that you have at all.

Vote. Just friggin’ vote.



  1. […] If you look at the archives of this blog — you will see that I posted about voting in 2010. I re-read it and found that the themes are the same. First off — VOTE. Secondly, think about who and what you are voting for and about. ( […]

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