Posted by: Kathy White | October 13, 2010

Love And Other Intangibles

If you had a chance to look up your wife/husband/partner’s profile page in some matching website, would you date ’em? Meaning, they don’t have one NOW I hope, but if they did have one.

My wife and I have often said that, today, if we saw each other’s pages, we’d never pick one another.

And, since we have to keep getting married every few years, we do have to reconsider our ability to stay together. We keep doing it — 19 years now. But, seriously, if you had to keep assessing if you want to stay together every few years, in a very real way, would you? Could you?

We fight. We keep going over the same ground. We have to make compromises and keep going. If the federal gov’t says yes to our right to marriage, will we do it all again? Absolutely. (I hope, but I won’t go in to that.) We’ll have a third wedding date. How many of you can say that?

My match page would say sports, beer drinking, beach, reading, dogs, and travel.

Hers says gardening, beach, reading, dogs and travel. And yet… sports would stop her in her tracks because I watch a lot of them. Gardening, not my thing. Luckily, we travel well together.

So, when you look at your loved one, would you — better yet could you — marry them again? If you had the opportunity to? Or would you just say no?

To my wife, thanks… and I’d do it all over again..and again…and again… and again… cause I can.

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