Posted by: Kathy White | October 12, 2010

Disabled And Learning From It

Since breaking my ankle in early July, I’ve had to live the life of a disabled person to a certain extent. Now, I’m not comparing what I’m going through to anything most permanent disabled people face and I’m certainly not saying I have suffered anything compared to them. But I have had my eyes opened.

For one, finding a handicap parking spot is crazy. There are not nearly enough of them. I cannot imagine being a disabled person with a wheelchair driving around in circles trying to find a spot. The frustration is maddening. And forgot them being located where they actually would make sense near a front door. And forget getting help once inside a store. We fail our less mobile Americans miserably.

There is also the expectations that you need to “prove” that you are disabled. Unless your disability can be plainly seen, folks tend to want to ask. Or, better yet, give you a skeptical eye as if you don’t LOOK handicapped. Guess what, not everything is available to see by the naked eye. Sure, there are people who have no business with a service dog or a handicap placard, but most do and you’d be wise to leave them be. Better off to be nice to everybody than skeptical of everybody.

Somebody should teach that to some of the people working in our services industry. Quite frankly, some of you are just tacky and horrible. Learn some manners.

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