Posted by: Kathy White | October 4, 2010

Recent Suicides of Gay Teens Appalling

Seth Walsh, Tyler Clementi, Billy Lucas, Asher Brown — These names meant nothing to you or me and now they are the symbols of what is wrong with so much about our country right now. They were all gay men or teens. And they were harassed to the point of feeling like their lives were not worth living anymore.

Some of these boys were just 13. They made a permanent decision to a temporary feeling — one they can’t take back and their families must now live with.

And, because of what? Because they were gay? First off, harassment is wrong no matter who is facing it and over what. Bullying has become such a norm in some schools and it seems the schools are doing little to stop it. It all becomes “boys will be boys” and they will figure it out. Guess what? Nobody is figuring out anything except those who have been harassed — and they’re figuring out there is no way out and death seems like the only viable option.

In each of these situations, these young men felt that being gay was humiliating. It shouldn’t be. Unless you’re going to say that straight people choose to be straight, don’t say gay people choose to be so. I know. It is no easy road and certainly one you don’t choose — but you are who you are.

And now, each of these families will never see all the potential of these young men. And, I’m guessing, those who bang the drum about how wrong homosexuality is will never see the damage they do.

And to those who harass, who bully, who try to make others feel small — go take a look in the mirror. You aren’t so great. You’re only doing it because you aren’t comfortable in your own skin.

My heart, my prayers, my sympathy go out to all of these families. They, and the young men who are no longer here, make my heart break in little pieces. They should make your heart break, too.

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