Posted by: Kathy White | October 1, 2010

And, Here We Are — Dog Dies Unnecessarily

Oakland is a wasteland anymore. I was born there. I live right next to it. And because police officers fight for their lives every day while drug runners, gangs, and careless people shoot up the streets, they can be trigger-happy. I get it. Nobody wants to die.

I am quite sure that there will be many letters to the editor about the shooting of an 11-year-old arthritic golden lab dog in a family’s yard and they will express outrage. I feel that, too. And then…

We will see the letters of people outraged that we are more outraged by a dog being shot instead of the many humans who die.

Guess what. That dog was in her yard and doing her job. She didn’t ask for this and certainly should not have been shot in the head. She was not on BART at 2 am. She was not outside a party where gang members are. She was not trying to create chaos, was not packing a weapon, was not doing anything, really, but defending her home. And, barely, at that. Arthritis was her worst enemy until she met Oakland PD.

Yes, I know. People who did not deserve to die, have died, at the hands of police. It happens all too often. But it’s way too often involves them knowing someone they should not or being around someone they should not.

Gloria was in her yard and shot in the head. That’s fucked up. I do value human life more than anything, but this just has WRONG written all over it. Noon? Nice neighborhood? Lab dog? Really, the first thing to do is shoot the dog?

Screw that. We need to pay attention when humans and animals die for no reason at all. Let’s get real about what police protection should mean.

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