Posted by: Kathy White | September 17, 2010

Native Americans and Immigration

I did not know that Eric Clapton was a racist. I learned that today from my buddy’s Facebook post — and wikipedia. It appears that Mr. Clapton would prefer the U.K. to remain staunchly white and that those of color should reside elsewhere. He said it in the 70s and it appears that even today he still feels this way. It got me thinking about the issue of immigration and just who gets to say what about it.

We have people in favor of building a wall — to separate us from Mexico. Notice we do not need one to separate us from Canada. Why is that? Is it because Canadians don’t want to come to our country to pick our vegetables any more than we want to pick our vegetables? Or are they just nice and white — mostly? Whatever the reason, we seem to have a large group of folks who want the good ol’ USA to build a big-ass wall to keep out our Mexican neighbors. That’ll be attractive — and oh, so, useful.

It does not seem to occur to all these anti-immigration folks that they are the direct descendants of, you guessed it, immigrants and illegal ones at that — or at least they weren’t exactly invited to come here. Pretty sure it never occurred to the American natives to build a wall — but you damn well know in hindsight they wished they had — they wouldn’t be living in the desert on our nice reservations.

So, in this land of immigrants we don’t want immigrants. We want to deport them. We want to build a wall to keep them out. We do not want them here illegally — although if you got the truth out of most of the people doing a lot of the talking, they don’t want them here at all — not even legally. They would just mess with our gene pool or whatever.

If you did manage to get here, get work, pay taxes, raise a family and live the American dream without benefit of a green card — we’d like you to leave immediately. Oh, and we won’t let you come back. And, if we have our way here soon, even if your kids were born here, we aren’t going to let them be citizens. They’re tainted with illegal-ness.

Here’s Glenn Beck (The fusion of entertainment and enlightment? Really? Unbelievable) on the subject: “First of all, let’s talk about the rights.  It is our sovereign right to protect our borders.  Every country does it.  It hasn’t been done here in America.  74% of Americans want stronger border control.  3/4 of this nation, are 3/4 of this nation racist Nazis?  Because that’s quite a statement.” — If you want to read his entire rant, it’s quite a piece. But 3/4 of our nation only wants one border protected it seems. Do we need to build a wall out at sea to keep out the Europeans? I should think so. That’s a border. People come here that way all the time.

If we’re going to throw out everybody who doesn’t belong here then we need to give this country back to the Native Americans and go back to Europe or Africa or wherever. If we’re going to go to extremes then by gosh let’s go all the way. We came from folks who came here “illegally” and took land that wasn’t there’s to take and killed people who lived here in peace and then rounded them up and put them on desert land that isn’t good for anything and told them to be happy.


Sure, I’m exaggerating but with all the crazy talk out there about immigration, illegals, walls and shooting people who dare to try to come here — maybe it’s time to step back and remember exactly who it is we are as nation: immigrants.


  1. good think I have a greencard 🙂

    • Yup. Remember to carry your papers if you ever go to Arizona… ;-0

  2. We need to find you a newspaper column. Herb Caen and Adair Lara started somewhere.

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