Posted by: Kathy White | September 7, 2010


I spent the long weekend in Chico with my friends — a lot of them. And, once again, I was reminded how important it is to have this group in my life. Many of them I’ve known a very long time — they are family. They know me and like me anyway. They have my back and I have theirs.

As an only child, my friends truly are my family. If they don’t keep in touch, I make ’em keep in touch! I track them down, send emails, call, invite over for dinner — whatever it takes to  make sure we stay connected. Some of my friends have moved to other parts of the country — but I still try to keep up with them either via Facebook or email or whatever. And, when I’m able, I fly out to see them — in Denver, Baltimore, Ohio, D.C., Oklahoma, South Carolina — wherever they are. And I hope they look me up when they’re here.

As we grow older — and, trust me, we are growing older — I think these gatherings mean more. As we continue to pass in to our 50s, 60s and beyond, we’ll need to be there even more for each other. We’ve even gone so far as to discuss a compound out somewhere where we can all have our freedom but the comfort of a tight-knit community — each with our own houses and a community house for us to hang at. I love this idea! I don’t know that it’ll ever truly happen, but I really do love the idea.

So, as I sat listening to my friends play their guitars and we sang and drank and talked and kidded, I smiled. No place I’d rather be than with my family of friends — they’re the best and I’m damn lucky to have them.

Hope that feeling is mutual — but they keep inviting me so it must be. Go hug a friend. 😉


  1. How true. I’m envious of your great weekend. The friends in Alameda are greatly missed and now it’s the friends in Wichita that are..

  2. I love this, and I’m glad you posted it. I am very lucky to count this group of people as my friends. I enjoy their diversity and their intelligence as well as the fact that they love to have fun. I hope we can keep it up for another 40 years!!

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