Posted by: Kathy White | September 1, 2010

Apple of my — Uh

So, Steve Jobs did it again — held a press conference. And he only broadcast it live via machines that are supported by Apple, the Mac OS, Safari, etc. Interesting. So, he’s only interested in those who already believe in his products hearing his new message? Hmm. That doesn’t seem too smart.

Of course, there was also no announcement of the iPhone being available on anything but AT&T — still. And that was most people’s biggest hope — dump AT&T, Steve!

Overall, though, it appears they are investing a lot in the iPod Touch as an iPhone without the phone. The iThingy, as it were. But, there are some cool new things that make me wish I had the new Touch (and not the old one I currently have).

  • The new Touch will be thinner
  • Same high-definition retina display as the iPhone 4
  • A front-facing camera that allows FaceTime video calling
  • A rear-mounted camera with HD video recording

The new iPod Nano will lose its current click wheel, going to an iPhone-like touchscreen system.

The Nano will be 46 percent smaller and 42 percent lighter than the current model, making it small enough to clip on to the user’s clothing like a Shuffle, Jobs said.

Jobs said Apple has sold 275 million iPods since they debuted in 2001.

So, they are working on making the cool even more cool. And they’re talking TV again. Pretty soon, if you don’t own something that Apple makes, you may as well just wear a t-shirt that says “I’m So Uncool.” Not that I don’t think that Apple has issues and has some not-to-cool things, but it’s way ahead of everybody else.

I worked for MacWEEK back in the day, when the Mac II was all the rage. I’ve seen Apple progress through the years and I have to say I’m always impressed by how it sells itself as the company that is outside the box. But, well, now it is the box.

Wonder what that’ll look like in another 10 years.


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