Posted by: Kathy White | August 30, 2010

Is This Move Official?

So somebody I know — okay, Brenda — has had the most hilarious time at her job recently that I just had to share. The company shall remain nameless, but if you know her, you know who this is. Anyway, here’s the story:

Brenda was sitting near a large wall in the offices of her company. Another group decided they wanted to turn this big wall in to a giant white board with post-its and whatnot. So, she was asked to move. Fine. Except this was going to be an unofficial move. We’ll get to the difference between official and unofficial in a minute but anyway, Bren and some other folks on the same row are packing up their stuff. A friend of Bren’s who is busily moving her stuff to the new cube comes back to her old cube to find not only has her stuff been moved out of the area for her, the new person has moved in — and she hadn’t even gotten to pack up all her stuff yet!

So, needless to say, this move sucks. And these people are noisy. Nothing like mixing editors (who need it quiet) with a bunch of noisy marketers who all make it seem like it’s a big party.

Now, get this, because it’s an unofficial move, they don’t move anyone’s phones. So Bren’s phone is still on her old desk and she has no phone. She moves herself to her new cube and moves her nametag. Every night when Bren goes home, the nametag is on her cube. When she arrives the next morning, somebody has moved it back to her old cube. It’s like a mystery and a comedy — except it’s real! So, every day, Bren moves it back. And, still no phone. Welcome to bizarre corporate life.

Now it turns out, they want her to move again. But, this time, it’ll be an official move. That should mean that people will move her stuff for her, her phone will be moved and work, and her nametag can stay where it’s supposed to. In theory, this is how it should work. Think it did? Not a chance.

So, Bren packs up again and leaves on Friday. Over the weekend, the miracle of the move is suppose to take place. Bren comes back in the next week and guess what? Her stuff is still in her old cube as is her nametag. However, her phone has been moved — except whoever moved it just unplugged it and replugged it in and it DOES NOT WORK. So, this is now 3 weeks without a phone or any real cube to call her own. And where is this official moving crew of which they speak?

How can this happen in corporate America? Bren ends up moving her own stuff and is, to this day, still trying to get a working phone. At least her nametag stays put now.

No wonder she works at home as much as she can. Not exactly like she’s feeling the love at the office.

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