Posted by: Kathy White | August 23, 2010

It’s That Time of Year …

So, the kids are going back to school and football is on TV. We’re just now starting to care who might play in the baseball playoffs. And it’s getting warm in the Bay area. Yup, looks like we’re heading in to September.

I love September and October in the Bay area. The weather is perfect. There’s football and baseball to watch and you can still go to either of those and not freeze your tail off watching them.

Here I sit (and yes, I am now going to feel sorry for myself) waiting for this stupid ankle to heal — and finally the weather is here. No golf. No football games. No baseball games — well, except for the ones I can watch on TV. No running around in the convertible. Just me, on my couch. There, I’m done now.

So, for those of you out enjoying the weather and having all the fun, I envy you. Send me pictures. Post great stories of your adventures. Come get my dog and take her with you because she is VERY bored of me.

But, oh, have some fun. Summer is finally here!

Kathy has a beer

Have a beer


  1. Love the beer picture. Glad to see you don’t need surgery.

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