Posted by: Kathy White | August 19, 2010

BFF Birthday — Are We Old?

I suppose I remember when my parents were in their 40s. I think I thought they were old. I’m pretty sure, though, they were already wearing polyester and letting their hair go gray.

My best friend is turning (something) today. She’s 7 months older than me. We don’t act our age. Ever. We still wear jeans without the benefit of elastic, we wear t-shirts with smartass sayings on them, we keep our hair a particular color, and we certainly don’t worry that we’re old. But are we?

I suppose losing a friend who was only 55 can change a perspective, but I just don’t feel old. Jen has a 9-year-old. Still, we act the same as we always have. We mock, we roll our eyes at the stupidity of it all, and we bend the rules as far as they will go without landing us in jail.

Are we suppose to be acting our age? What does that look like? I have no idea. My friends who are in their 50s don’t act any different. They don’t seem to be in need of an adjustment to their age. They’re like us.

Always makes me wonder, though, if my 21-year-old looks at us and thinks “gawd, please act your age.” And if I knew what that was, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do it. Ever.

Drink up, Shriners! We’re in our 40s and loving every minute of it — and no, I don’t intend to act my age.

Happy Birthday, Jen!

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