Posted by: Kathy White | August 4, 2010


My ankle is hurting worse these days and I’m angry. I’m also afraid.

I’ve done everything that was asked me: wearing this cast 23.5 hours a day, staying off the foot and using crutches, laying on my couch a helluva lot. And yet… I fear that next Tuesday’s x-rays will bring bad news and thus surgery.

I don’t want surgery. I don’t want plates and pins and whatever the hell else they stick in my ankle. Everybody who I’ve spoken with who has had this done says don’t. And I really don’t want to.

And that’s not fair. That means I start over. These 4 weeks don’t count. I’ll have to wait to get in to surgery and then I start recuperating all over again.

Maybe the pain is nothing. Maybe it’s like when you start healing with a scab and it itches, maybe that’s what this pain is. I’ll think positive.



  1. I think it’s healing. It would have reared it’s ugly head by now if it wasn’t. Thinking positive is indeed the answer.

  2. sending positive vibes your way, I think it is going to be allright! I agree with Lash, the doctor would have probably already acted on it if it was not healing right. When my dad broke his shoulder, it remained painful during the whole healing process + on /off for weeks afterwards so you must be going through similar process.

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