Posted by: Kathy White | July 26, 2010

Things We Learn on TV

Having been holed up on my couch with my TV as my best friend, I have discovered that what we have on television now is just crap. And lots and lots of it. If this is what we crave to watch, the misery of others, the downfall of humanity. Well, you just knew I’d have to share. Remember, these are REAL shows you can watch on television — sadly.

  • Real Housewives — any version. Seriously? We need to watch rich, bitchy women have issues?
  • Property Virgins — go ahead. I’ll let ya have this one. What did you come up with?
  • Trading Spouses — I don’t want to watch somebody else’s marriage let alone watch them screw up a second relationship. Wha???
  • Clean House: Messiest Home in the Country — Wow. I mean, wow.
  • It Only Hurts When I Laugh — It only hurts when I watch this — and I do watch this.
  • Man vs. Food — Gluttony? For all to watch? Do they show this in, uhm, Africa anywhere?
  • Whacked Out Sports — Well, I think the title pretty much covers this one.
  • Women Behind Bars — On the next episode, Candy has a few choice words for her new cell mate, Vicky. (See Real Housewives).
  • So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Next Top Model, America’s Got Talent, blah, blah, etc., etc. — You can’t sing. You can’t dance. You have no effing talent. Deal with it.
  • Billy the Exterminator — This just made me laugh. Especially that the guys is named Billy. Overtones of  “Deliverance” do ya think? Here comes, Billy!
  • Celebrity Ghost Stories — Come on, Mr. Gibson. Tell us another story. What went bump in the night? Did you kick its ass? Berate it? Threaten it?
  • World’s Strictest Parents — You did what? OK. You are now officially grounded until you’re 30 and you will have no TV privledges until you’re 25. Now, go to your room.

This list goes on and on. Consult your local listings. Good luck with that.


  1. I could not agree more wiht you Kathy!

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