Posted by: Kathy White | July 23, 2010

Freaky Friday

Welcome to the wonderful world of Friday. Here’s to whatever the weekend brings — particularly if it starts with one of these beers. Yikes!!!

  • First off, if you’re in the Oakland area and would like to be an extra in the Brad Pitt movie, Moneyball, here’s your chance.
  • A good week for Lowe’s? Bad week for those trusty queens who like orange. Who holds boycotts anymore? Who pays any attention to them anyway?
  • Tomorrow, the Drunks and Doilies Festival hits Alameda. The annual ritual of people staggering from one end of Park St. to the other, buying some of the most idiotic art you can gather in one location. Hand-painted kittens on a t-shirt, anyone?
  • I’ll just call this one: Asleep At The Switch. You have to be kidding me. Unbelievable.
  • Angelina Jolie admits that there is a side of her that’s not exactly “sane,” but Brad Pitt has helped her become a better person. Really? Can I have Brad for a day so I can feel better?
  • Is Mel Gibson whacked or what? I mean, it just never ends. This guy gives people with anger management issues a bad name. He hates everybody, and I mean everybody. Well, except white middle-age men who believe in Jesus and haven’t crossed him. Those guys are okay.
  • Wow. Like these two need more publicity. Wonder what they’ll talk about? Kids? Husbands? How weird is it that they always have a crowd around them?
  • I love when all the geeks gather together and get their geekiness going full blast.
  • Here’s where things truly go from very bad to worse. Or at least this is going to be very interesting — and not in a good way.
  • They drive in a circle. Yes, they drive fast and it’s dangerous, but still — they drive in a circle. So how can there be this much controversy about driving in a circle?

Well, that’s all I can be bothered with today. Must be time for me to move to the other end of the couch. Hope everybody has a nice weekend.


  1. good stuff, I like the site


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