Posted by: Kathy White | July 16, 2010



  • Argentina is the latest country to approve same-sex marriage. Others include Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal (!), South Africa, Spain and Sweden. Why is the U.S. not on this list yet?
  • Breast cancer incidence in women in the United States is 1 in 8 (about 13%).
  • Apple has an iPhone problem with the antenna causing dropped calls and sketchy coverage. Maybe they need to rename it to something else, like iThingy — since the phone part doesn’t seem to be working out to so well.
  • SEC fines Goldman Sachs $550 million over hedge fund transaction — and the company’s stock immediately goes UP. Means the market thinks they got off way easy. I do, too.
  • British Open: Playing golf in wind that is 22 mph plus toss in some rain is hardly a test of master golf, it’s more a test of how well you researched the parka you’re wearing.
  • It obviously doesn’t matter what president is in office, they are NOT to take vacations. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have my president rested and focused — not frazzled and drained.
  • I love that the Tour de France has become more like roller derby than anything. Yeah, head-butting!
  • I accidentally landed on TruTV last night. I cannot believe there is an entire station going 24/7 showing you the idiocy that is the human race. It really was like a train wreck I couldn’t turn away from. Check out their TV lineup. World’s Stupidest TV Channel!
  • I still laugh every time I pull up “Shit My Dad Says” on Twitter.
  • Under, what will they think of next: 5-toed shoes. How bizarre.
  • In closing, my favorite statistic from this morning’s SF Chronicle about gay male relationships: In her study of gay couples, 47 percent reported open relationships. Forty-five percent were monogamous, and the remaining 8 percent disagreed about what they were. Wow. If you can’t agree on that... uhm. Wow.

That’s all the madness I can scramble together this morning. I’m sure I’ll think of more. Feel free to add your own items via comments. It’s a crazy world out there. It keeps me smiling and in wonderment every day. TGIF.


  1. I love the random rant post! It can be called “shit Kathy says”. That final stat about male gay couples is funny/sad. I bet it’s accurate, though. I’ve known couples in that 8 percent.

  2. YES! Start a “ShitKathySays”Twitstream. I’d follow.

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