Posted by: Kathy White | July 15, 2010

Broken — a love story

I was busy having the time of my life off in France and Italy and just two days from my return home, I hit a step wrong on some stairs and fell on my ass. Well, actually, fell on my ankle. I thought it was just sprained and figured, with some crutches and ice and whatever, it’d be fine. I hobbled around and got home and boy was it looking ugly and purple.

Off to the emergency room. At the tender age of 43, I had my first broken bone. Snapped the fibula. Now, I’m not one to sit around. I hate my own company. I’m basically the worst candidate in the world for having something broken and having to sit still and be by myself — and I have to do this, largely, for 2 months.

And yet, here I am. My Facebook friends are trying to keep me cheered up with witty comments and my friends are dropping by with beer and food. All good. But 2 months? Here? WTF? How am I going to cope with this?

The voices in my head didn’t start right away. They left me alone for like a day. Then they started in. You see, I just cannot sit quietly and cannot let my brain  just rest. It goes..and goes.

And not always in a good direction. (You’re sitting here and you have no work currently. What the hell are you going to do?) (You know without exercising, you’re just going to get fatter sittin’ here. You’ll need a whole new wardrobe in 2 months) (What is that smell?) (Who invented the Cam Walker and why does it sound like something out of a Star Wars movie? Am I a superhero now?)

Anyway, this blog is a way for me to capture my thoughts, random observations and annoyances during my recovery and hopefully beyond.



  1. Hey Kathy… sorry you’re laid up for awhile but I’m looking forward to reading your blog for grins and chuckles. Heal quickly… but don’t give up the blog!!

  2. I’ve had a broken skull, broken ankles, broken toes, broken foot and a broken heart. I’ve come to the conclusion they’re all like a roll of toilet paper; after you rip off the first one all the rest come easy.

  3. I love the way your mind wanders. Yeah, I know, I’m sick that way.
    Noelle has a similar mind-wandering, ADHD mantra. It does something like: Where’s Betty … there goes Buster … what’s Surivorman doing … hmmm… where’s Betty?
    I hope your recuperation goes smoothly, and quickly. Feel free to pick up the phone and give me a shout if you want to talk about superheroes or Survivorman.

  4. What wine had you been drinking when you fell? I want to know so that I can either stay away from it or get a bottle for you to celebrate your recovery in 2 months minus 2 days. (the later sounds better).
    Nice picture by the way. I will think of a few things you can do to stay busy and keep the mind chatter away ..may be build a Golden Gate bridge model out of matches? You could also put Nutella on your toes as a treat for Nellie and a quick toe wash.

    • Nutella on my toes? Yikes… then I wouldn’t have any toes, Benoit. That could complicate things.

  5. and may be when you are done with the blog you can find a publisher to turn it into best seller!

  6. Sorry to hear about your ankle… I hope you had a great trip prior to that. I like your blog photo… post more photos 🙂

  7. Kathy, the voices in your head are a lot of fun to read. Blog on!

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